Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

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What you’ll needcherrybitters

400 ml mason jar

4 oz dropper bottle

Bacardi 151, Everclear or other high proof alcohol.

½ cup Cherry pits

1 fresh vanilla bean sliced in half

1 oz cherry bark

½ oz devils club


Add fresh herbs to mason jar and fill with high proof alcohol until it hits 400 ml line. Let herbs steep in jar until desired flavors are incorporated. Some let the mixture sit 2 weeks, some more than a month. Once you’re satisfied strain out the remaining herbs and transfer into a dropper bottle for easy application. Remember to use bitters sparingly, there’s a reason they’re called bitters! There are many different herbs that can be used as bittering agents. Many of our bartenders frequent Rebecca’s Apothecary for a supplies, a local store on Spruce just a few blocks from SALT. Let us know what bitter creations you come up with!

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