Dooley Farms

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“I have been growing crops, including vegetables and flowers, in Colorado for longer than I want to admit. Tomatoes are my favorite though because the variety of colors and flavors. We grow organically because we believe it is the best way to conserve resources like fertilizer and to protect our environment from pesticides.”


Dooley Farms grow their tomatoes in a greenhouse in Firestone. The strong Colorado sun and the greenhouse create a perfect warm climate for their heirloom varietals.  Absolutely no pesticides are used in this organic operation and everything is grown in composted soil. All the tomatoes are picked ripe, which is necessary to achieve the best flavor possible, and the scope of varietals planted is extraordinary. This year’s crops includes brandywine, green zebra, cherokee purple, valencia, black cherry, sun gold and many others.

Owner: Mike Dooley
Phone: (303) 652-9187

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