Meet a Saltine: Kyle “Doctor” Davis

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IMG_0418Name: Kyle “Doctor” Davis
Saltine Since: March 2011
Favorite Dish: The Berkshire Pork Chop
Hobbies: Golf and live music!

What makes Salt the Bistro different? I have worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years now. I have worked in Hawaii, North Carolina, California, and now Colorado. When you work in the industry, you get to see all the good and bad that comes with dining out. Professionally prepared food and the social environment are two great aspects of dining out, but there is also the side you don’t see. Piles and piles of trash that could be just as easily be composted and food ordered based on price not sustainability.

Most restaurants abuse the word “fresh.” In Hawaii and California, I worked at restaurants right on the ocean. When you read “fresh fish” or “catch of the day” on the menu, you just assume it is coming from the waters right in front of you. You are looking out over the Pacific paying $35 for a seafood dish, when in actuality that fish was flown in (frozen) from the over fished waters of Vietnam. Waters that have less regulations and cheaper prices. In Santa Cruz, California there is a real emphasis on the town being down to earth and rooted, shopping locally and eating fresh, similar to Boulder. I think they talk the talk but have yet to walk the walk. With the ocean and central valley farming right in their backyard, one would think eating “farm to table” would be easy. They fly in food from Mexico and fish from Southeast Asia. For most restaurants, there is no sign of composting. The “high end” restaurant I served at for 5 years had the exact same menu the entire time. No sign of seasonal cooking at all. Working at Salt is going to make it hard for me to work at any other restaurant unless they are held to these high standards which I have grown accustomed to. Salt supports an amazing kitchen of aspiring young professional chefs. They are cooking because it is their passion and you can see that in every dish. Not only does Salt recycle and compost, but we feed our kitchen scraps to our very own berkshire pigs. The pork you are eating comes from very healthy and happy animals. Our beef is from 100% grass fed, free roaming, Teton Waters Ranch cows that have never been given hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. These cows are happy, eating what evolution intended them to, and they are given 5 years to get to the size a feed-lot cow would be at in just 9 months from being force fed candy and corn and shot full of growth hormones. Bradford Heap (Executive Chef and Owner) cares about the local community, and he truly believes that we are what we eat and it is evident in his restaurants. With the great addition of an in house printer, our menus are now changing weekly to keep up with the seasonal food the local farmers have to provide us. By eating at SALT you are supporting these farmers, local sustainable businesses, and most importantly, getting a real taste of Colorado.
-Kyle “Dr.” Davis

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