Full Circle Farms

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“We believe growing the most wholesome produce organically, using sustainable practices, is the highest calling to which a grower can aspire. It is also our belief that people are the strongest link in carrying out this lifelong endeavor with respect, dignity and integrity. There exists a strong connection between humans, plants and soil.”

Located in Longmont, Colorado Full Circle Farms operates ten unique farms on 1,000 acres of fertile land producing over 70 varieties of vegetables as well as small grains, grass hay and alfalfa. They utilize the hay and grain crops for rotation to give the soil the needed rest from vegetable production and they employ nearly every type of irrigation system, including drip, pivot, solid set, and flood. These different systems allow them to conserve and manage their crops with different needs.

Owner: Dave Asbury
Farm Manager: Ozzie Gallegos
Website: www.fullcircleorganicfarms.com
Phone: 303.684.0087
Email: rmprhome@comcast.net

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