Hazel Dell Mushrooms

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“Hazel Dell grows its mushrooms organically according to USDA National Standards.
This program is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture which inspects our farm annualy. We use hardwood sawdust, wheat bran, rice bran, gypsum, and limestone to prepare the mixture that the mushrooms grow in. This mixture is steam sterilized in a special mushroom growing bag to avoid any bacterial or mold contaminants. All of our mushroom culture lab work is performed in a super HEPA filtered clean room to also minimize contamination after we sterilize our sawdust bags. Our employees even shower and change into sterile lab clothing before the innoculation process. We keep our harvest rooms clean and our crop cycles short to avoid pest problems which means that we do not need to use any pesticides.”

Open for Retail Sales M-F 8:30-4:30
3925 E County Rd 32 (Carpenter Rd)
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Owners: Jim and Toni Hammond
Website: www.hazeldellmushrooms.com/
Phone: 970.226.0978
Email: info@hazeldellmushrooms.com

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