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Colterra Food & Wine

Brooks Winery Willamette Valley Oregon Wine Dinner ~ Thursday, January 15th 6:30pm $75 per person

Since 1998, Brooks Winery, has been embodying organic and biodynamic farming to produce wines that achieve depth flavor and balance. The winery has developed incredible wines through this commitment and we are excited to be able to pair a beautiful Colterra menu along side it. Come and join us to see how beautiful Pinot Noir and Riesling can be grown and produced in Oregon. Call 303.652.0777 for reservations or more information.


The Bitters are Blooming…

If you’ve stepped into a cocktail bar specializing in classic drinks in the last few years, you might have noticed that the cocktail world is in the midst of a bitters frenzy. Dozens of artisanal and craft bitters makers have introduced new small-batch bitters to the market. Bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts and our dedicated SALT bartenders are experimenting with making their own homemade bitters. Bitters is an essential ingredient in a balanced aromatic cocktail.  With help from our talented kitchen, we produced our own proprietary small-batch aromatic bitters for use in your next Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and more. Just as our chefs strive to reach the perfect balance of herbs and spices, our bar staff looks to make your perfect drink and balance it out with just a drop of our “herbs and spices” behind the bar!

Off the Chopping Block: January Recipes 

Grilled Lamb and Balsamic Beluga Lentils

If food had super powers, lentils would win the prize. They have amazing health properties containing protein, iron, and essential fatty acids. They’re inexpensive AND they’re beneficial to our environment. As nitrogen fixers, they allow plant nutrients to be recycled and protects the soil from erosion. If that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will! The pairing of Lamb makes an incredible winter time dish. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Colterra Eggnog Brulee

Nothing sounds more like wintertime than friends, family, and everyone’s favorite drink… Eggnog! If you’re entertaining company this winter, try our Eggnog Brulee Recipe to add a little extra holiday feel to your gathering.  It’s as easy as mix, bake, and serve! On top of that no one ever complains about getting to brulee sugar… Everyone’s favorite part!

Follow the Bouncing Barrel

When you’re at SALT, pay attention to: the flavors of butterscotch in Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay from French oak, dill in Predator Zinfandel from American oak, and anise in Obsidian Cabernet from Hungarian oak. After three years, wineries can sell used barrels to breweries introducing wild yeast strains into the barrels or use the barrel’s existing bacteria to force a second round of fermentation. This creates a sour beer, like the Wild Saison from Upslope Brewing Company. Yielding a beer that drinks like wine.

Colorado’s pristine snowmelt has enabled micro distilleries to spring up across the state. Breckenridge and Dancing Pines distilleries use American white oak casks to soften their spirits while adding tannins and sweet, smoky and spicy aromas to the spirit’s bouquet. These distilleries have been kind enough to equip SALT’s Mermaid bar with several casks. Cocktails aged in barrels are smoother on the palette, pick up whiskey or bourbon flavors such as vanilla and are fun to watch evolve. Borden your horizons and try SALT’s latest gin Martinez barrel-aged cocktail. Happy Tasting!


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