Meet a Saltine: Artist Joe Levy

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26938_1384851309204_7206046_n“I started creating whimsical yard art, then evolved into more functional pieces like benches, rails and fire pits. Seeking to defy reason, using heavy metal components, I began forging wind sculptures and kinetic pieces, still one of my favorite ventures.¬†Now I have found architectural enhancements as my way to bring art into daily living, inside homes and businesses. Seeing organic forms in seamingly rigid steel is like breathing life into it.¬†Texture. Color. Age. History. Mystery metal under the influence of fire and hammer brings forth the power of natures effects on the elements”


Ever wonder where SALT get its classic artisan aesthetic? Well this is the man responsible. Everything functional and beautiful in SALT has benefited from Joe’s magic touch and hard work. From the metal and glass wall sculpture that greets guests at our front door, to the copper “still” sculpture that graces our staircase, Joe has scavenged and assembled reclaimed materials from the salvage yards, backyards, and historic farms throughout Boulder county and turned it into beautiful works of art. Be sure to check out Joe’s website at and keep your eyes open for his handiwork all around town!

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