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November News | SALT and Colterra | Bradford Heap Restaurants

Colterra Food & Wine

Burgundy Wine Dinner ~ Thursday, November 13th 6:30pm $80 per person

Burgundy is home to some of the world’s most glorious Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.  Burgundy is also a major food center situated at the top of the wine-producing area.  On Nov. 13th, we will be tasting wines from legendary wine importer, Neil Rosenthal’s portfolio, who spent his adult life procuring some of Burgundy’s top producers and wines. Our five course menu was inspired by Burgundy’s traditional regional dishes and ingredients of the fall season from our local farmers.  This will be our final wine dinner of 2014 and we plan to go out in style.  Due to high quality of top Burgundies we will be enjoying for this exceptional dinner we have increased our standard price to $80 for five courses. Call 303.652.0777 for reservations.

First Bite Boulder ~ November 14th-22nd $27 per person

First Bite Boulder is an annual event highlighting Boulder’s dining scene. For 9 days, more than 50 of Boulder’s top restaurants will offer a special three course $27 prix fixe dinner menu to the community. SALT and Colterra are both thrilled to be a part of the event for yet another successful year. Make reservations early as we fill up fast!

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Thursday, November 27th 2-7pm $65 per person

Join Colterra to celebrate Thanksgiving this turkey day from 2-7pm. Three course prix fixe menu featuring a traditional slow roasted turkey dinner, and late local fall vegetable tasting. Children 12 and under are $15. Early reservations strongly recommended. In preparation for this feast, we will be closed for lunch. Our family looks forward to celebrating with yours!  Call 303.652.0777 for more information.


First Bite Boulder ~ November 14th-22nd $27 per person

First Bite is upon us again and we can’t wait! Smoked Poblano Potato Leak Soup, Pumpkin Stout Braised Brisket Gnocchi, and OConfit Chicken Thighs are just some of the mouth watering courses you can choose from. Top those off with a few incredible desserts like the Lime Tres Leches Cake or Dark Chocolate Caramel SALT Tart. Reservations can be made online or by phone at 303.444.7258.

Give Thanks ~ Thursday, November 27th11am-9pm $65 per person

We are serving an decadent Thanksgiving feast from 11am-9pm. Bring your family downtown and celebrate with us! This Thanksgiving, we will be serving a three course prix fixe menu featuring Prime Rib and Lobster Mac & Cheese. Reservations strongly recommended. Call 303.444.7258 for more information or to reserve your preferred time.

Still Time to Book Your Holiday Party!

Cozy, intimate, and all to yourself! Downstairs, the Cellar is the perfect location for holiday social gatherings and other special events. Wine and dine your guests with our highly customizable menus. Please contact our Special Events Manager, Natalie, at 720.450.7571, or fill out an inquiry online to start planning! Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner party, or an extra-special event reserving the entire restaurant, we welcome all inquiries. Happy Holidays!

From the Kitchen: Recipes 

Colterra Mostarda

Simple. Delicious. Fall. What better way to introduce the new season than to impress your guests with an easy, delicious Mostarda recipe? Apples are the essence of fall, bringing in the colder weather and a time for gathering. Easily paired with breads, cheeses, and charcuterie meats, serving your friends and family this GMO free recipe will blow them away! Everyone loves a good mostarda recipe… it’ll surprise everyone at your table!

SALT’s Turnip and Potato Gratin

Turkey is obviously the star of every holiday feast, but really there’s only one or two ways to roast a bird. Side dishes are your chance to get creative! Here, at SALT, we’ve serving up a Creamy Turnip and Potato Gratin with our Grass­fed Ribeye. It’s a great addition to any table. Enjoy!

Mapleton Avenue Cocktail 

This is a perfect cordial based cocktail recipe for fall. It’s great for both before and after dinner. It contains fresh, local, GMO free apples, Local Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur, Apple Brandy, and a little fresh squeezed lemon juice; simple for a dash of acidity & sweetness. It’s a beautiful fall spiced cocktail with a touch of coffee at the finish. Named after one of the most beautiful streets in Boulder­, Mapleton Avenue. Aligned with gorgeous homes, lush yards, and huge oak trees bursting with color, Mapleton Avenue is one street during fall that one cannot miss. Cheers.

Thank you, Boulder!

Colterra is honored to be the recipient of Best of Boulder East County ballot for Best Fine Dining and Best Niwot Restaurant award this year. The best part of winning this award was that it wasn’t given to us by a food critic or a newspaper editor, it was awarded to us by you! With more than 300 restaurants in Boulder County, the competition is mighty steep. The whole family would like to say thanks for your love and support!

Mise En Place: Cooking Tips

A beautiful French phrase, a culinary term meaning, ‘everything in its place’. Mise en place is the cornerstone of every commercial kitchen, and could be a great benefit to the home chef. Follow these basic tips to achieve the same level of efficiency and cleanliness as the pros at SALT.

Start with a clean kitchen! Pull out all utensils, saucepans and baking pans necessary. Fill bowl with soapy water to soak utensils as you use them.

Read your recipe from beginning to end. This avoids running to the store or doing without an overlooked ingredient mid­-recipe.

Prep, chop or portion all ingredients into individual bowls. This prevents sticky fingerprints on your spice jars and mishaps like adding double the cayenne. Also, you’re far less likely to stress over the timing of your dish if you’re not having to prep while you cook. Put larger containers away as you portion.

As you build your recipe, stack dishes on the counter, not in the sink! Cluttering up your sink is counter productive and creates more mess in the long run.

Clean as you go! Spend that 30 minute bake time washing your soaked and stacked dishes so that after dinner all you have to worry about is dessert and coffee.

And, of course, finally enjoy your well prepared meal!

The Fate of the Grapes

Paolo Bouchard

The last grapes have been picked on Colorado’s Western slope and the harvest yields are disappointing. Similar to 2011 and 2013, Colorado’s 2014 grape yield is down 50%-­60% according to the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. April frosts and December freezes kill vine bud and split trunks, causing a financial hit to Colorado grape growers and estate wineries. Out of Colorado’s last four vintages, three of them have been severely diminished due to cold weather. Colorado wineries have methods to cope with low grape yields, however if these “cold snaps” start becoming the norm, growing grapes in the state of Colorado will not make economical sense.

Hybrid varietals can better survive the Colorado cold. Growers are planting more hybrid varietals such as Chambourcin and Cayuga. In SALT’s “Trap Door Red Blend” made by Bookcliff, a Boulder based winery; Chambourcin makes up 15% of the blend. But marketing a hybrid varietal as a single varietal wine poses an extremely difficult task for the winery. People are more inclined to buy a bottle of a familiar varietal.

Due to the limited grape supply, wineries become “urban”, a growing trend for wineries along the Front Range. The Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery in Denver is an example of a successful urban winery that purchases grapes and juice from the Western Slope or California and then produces the wine in an urban facility. However, if all Colorado Wineries decided to pursue buying grapes from other states the Colorado appellation will cease to exist.

Enjoy those incredible local Colorado Wines and make hay while the sun is shining!



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