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October eNews | SALT and Colterra | Bradford Heap Restaurants

Food Journal – Autumn 2014

Colterra Food & Wine

Taste of California Wine Dinner ~ Thursday, October 16th 6:30pm $65 per person

California’s wine country is as diverse as the people and wines that hail from the Golden State. With sun-soaked vineyards as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Oregon border, California’s wine growing areas cover more than 700 miles and include more than 100 American Viticultural Regions.

On October 16th, we will be exploring California’s different regions: Mendocino County, Santa Barbara, Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. Inspired by the season and California’s cuisine, Chef Michael Drazsnzak has created a wonderful menu to pair with these Californian beauties. Call 303.652.0777 for reservations.

Niwot’s Great Pumpkin Party ~ Saturday October 25th 10am-2pm

Colterra and other local businesses open their doors to welcome the witches and goblins for the annual trick or treat. Win prizes and enjoy a hay ride as well! Family fun for all ages, and a great way to spend a nice day outdoors. Don’t forget to get those costumes out for the Kids and Pets Parade. More details about meet up times for kids trick or treat and more can be found at niwot.com.



New Fall Cocktail Element Flavors Ahead!

The temperature is dropping and the leaves are changing which means it’s time for some new fall flavors! Keep your eyes open for Lemongrass Ginger, Fig Rosemary, and Kava additions to our ‘build-your-own’ menu along with seasonal styles like the hot toddy!

Moving Mountains. Scaling Change

For the 6th annual, Chefs Collaborative, SALT was lucky enough to be able to participate. This year’s focus, ‘Moving Mountains, Scaling Change’, brought together over 300 chef and food professionals who are doing just that! Chefs Collaborative works to fix our broken food system by engaging chefs in a network that inspires and educates them to change how they source, cook and serve food. Three days of networking and learning to reach our common food goals. If you’re interested in learning more click the link and join us next year!


On the Chopping Board: Recipes 

SALT Fuzzy Fashion Cocktail

One of our bartender’s favorite past times is taking a classic drink, like the Old Fashioned, and revising it to include local ingredients. Soul Patch, has given us new ingredients and inspiration to do just that. Dancing Pines Distillery, even has a GMO Free Bourbon for us to play with. Check out our Fuzzy Fashion Recipe!

Colterra’s Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce is a nut and red pepper-based sauce originating from Spain. Traditionally, it is served with seafood, but can also be served with a wide variety of other meats and vegetables. It’s the perfect companion for our Fall Vegetable Tasting currently on our menu. Try the recipe out for yourself and see what delicious parings you come up with. Enjoy!


Soul Patch Update

Our Farm to Our Menu

Frost hit the Soul Patch farm on September 9, and made it an earlier transition to the hearty fall vegetables which were already starting to make their way on the menu. Cardoons, a part of the artichoke family, are a great addition to our Autumn Vegetable Tasting at SALT. The Pan Seared Wild Sockeye Salmon now also has a delicious Soul Patch broccoli romanesco sauce.

Colterra is partaking in the harvest as well. Our summer vegetables are waning and soon we’ll be fully transitioning to the winter squash, leafy hearty greens, and root crops. The cardoons will be sharing the plate with our delicious Pan Roasted Chicken Breast. The nutrient rich, Savoy Cabbage, is perfect winter vegetable for our Fall Vegetable Tasting.


Action Alert: Stop “Agent Orange Ready” Crop Approval

Tell President Obama to stop the new 2,4-D and Roundup crops

As you may know, the USDA made the crazy and horrific decision to allow Agent Orange crops to be planted. These corn and soy plants produced by Dow Chemical Company are engineered to be sprayed with 2,4-D herbicide, a component of Agent Orange. Exposure to the chemical 2,4-D is linked to an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thyroid & reproductive problems, Parkinson’s disease and neurological damage.

The EPA has yet to approve crops that are tolerant to both Roundup and 2,4-D, known as “Enlist Duo,” and Dr. Oz had the brilliant idea of using Obama’s petition site to get his attention in this last ditch attempt effort to protect the population. In an unprecedented move, he announced on TV that he is starting this petition and urged Americans to sign asking Obama to block this approval.

To-date, there are 48,487 signatures already, when it reaches 100,000, Obama is forced to replay. Help us make it a million and sign here!


Label it! If you can’t go GMO free, be transparent.

For big brands like Chipotle, going GMO-free just isn’t possible due to sourcing issues, but they’re setting an admirable example by labeling the genetically modified ingredients that they use. Allowing consumers to make informed choices is an important baby step in the long haul here. Read here for more info.


In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy!

Tips for Preserving in Winter

It looks like winter is setting in early here in Boulder this year, which means a sharp decline in the availability of local vegetables. However, all it takes is a little planning and organization for you to have fresh veggies on deck all winter long. Each time you head to the market, buy a little extra to freeze or store for later. Fresh produce is usually much less expensive and much tastier when it’s in season.

Hearty vegetables like carrots, beets, radishes, cauliflower, and broccoli can be quickly blanched, dunked in an ice bath and patted dry, then portioned in freezer bags for a quick weeknight roast. Same for greens! Just dry them well in a salad spinner to avoid freezer burn. For herbs, mix with a little oil and portion in an ice cube tray.

While you’re in the kitchen doing all this prep work… save your scraps! The tops, greens, skins and hulls can be frozen in the same bag, and whipped out any time you want to make stock. For a basic stock, add your scraps to a large stock pot and simmer anywhere from one to five hours and you’ve got a base for any soup. Add leftover bones from roasted chicken, beef or pork, seasonings, herbs to make a nutritious broth.

Those delicious summer fruits, raspberries, pears, apples and strawberries are sadly making an exit as well. Roughly chop a few cups of fruit, mix with sugar and lemon to make jam. To preserve, fill a few sanitized canning jars, carefully place a new canning lid on each jar and boil with the bands off in a water bath for ten minutes.

Most importantly, be sure to label and date all containers, and follow the ‘first in, first out’ rule.





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