Only Colorado, Only at SALT: New Colorado Beer Program

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Colorado Beers at SALT, Boulder, Co

Colorado Beer Tap at SALT, Boulder, Co

Coloradans are proud people – and why shouldn’t we be? There is so much to be proud of! The towering mountains that provide some of the world’s best skiing, hiking, and magnificent views. We are proud to be home of the famous and awe-inspiring Red Rocks Amphitheatre and all of the Colorado artist’s that have graced its stage. We are proud of the all-mighty Broncos! We are proud of the food we serve, especially when it comes from our own backyard. We, in Boulder, are proud to have been called “America’s Foodiest Town,” and we aim to “Keep Boulder Weird.”

There are many reasons to be proud to call the Centennial State your home – and as of recent years there is another major reason to love this state – Beer: delicious, refreshing, craft Colorado beer.

As of January 2015, there are 230 craft breweries in the great state of Colorado, which is over ten percent of craft breweries in the entire country. This is pretty staggering number considering Colorado is home to about only two percent of the nation’s population. What can we say – we love beer!

Craft breweries have taken beer a long way – there is much more to consider when choosing your brew than whether it comes in a bottle or a can. There is seasonality to beer, endless varieties, and food pairing is no longer just reserved to wine – craft beer pairings are becoming rapidly more popular. The pride we take in our beer is equally matched by the pride we take in our state, which is why we have chosen to only carry Colorado beer from this point on at SALT.

We aim to localize the products we carry in as many areas as possible. Our philosophy at SALT is the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table – and that belief extends to our beer taps as well. In a state that produces such quality product we couldn’t be more excited to make this transition behind our bar.

Ryan Arndt, who has been a member of the SALT family since day one, is our bar master and beer expert. He meticulously selects each craft brew – which is no easy task, given the endless options. Ryan’s love for beer began while he attended school at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. While everybody else was drinking whatever type of cheap beer with the word ‘light’ attached to end of it, Ryan was too busy discovering delicious offerings from the craft local, Bell’s Brewery.

“While everybody else was buying twelve-packs of the cheap stuff, I was buying six-packs of the delicious stuff,” said Ryan. The first taste of Colorado Ryan got was the famous Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewery out of Fort Collins. He then packed up and moved to Colorado! “Moving to Colorado took my love of beer from a hobby to passion,” said Ryan. That passion is evident if you’ve ever taken a moment to sit at the bar and let Ryan describe the many different options we have on tap, in a bottle, or a can. While his love for craft beer started in Michigan Ryan couldn’t be happier to carry all Colorado brews at the SALT bar. “When it comes to beer, Colorado is leading in the craft industry,” says Ryan.

Whether you’re a fellow craft beer enthusiast, new on the scene, or have had the same beer in your fridge since the day you turned twenty-one, Ryan will find the perfect selection just for you.

“I love giving people a craft alternative,” said Ryan. “Even if they have no clue what craft beer is, I know there’s something in our cooler for them.”

Not only are we able to serve the freshest product possible to our guests, we are forming new relationships with out fellow Coloradans. Just as the farmers that bring us local produce are our friends – so are the brewers.

“By switching to all Colorado beers, I get to foster relationships with the brewers, the people we get beer from are the same people you’d want to go skiing with or see at a Rockies game” said Ryan.

Whether you love stouts, lagers, pale-ales, or IPA’s, we have something for you. The days are getting warmer, we’re hanging up our snow pants and putting on our flip-flops — and what better way to enjoy the Colorado sunshine than on the SALT patio, sipping on a Colorado craft beer.

“Let me welcome you to Colorado – we make delicious beer” – the beer expert himself, Ryan Arndt.


Here are some staff favorites from our selection right now:

Ryan Arndt (Bartender Extraordinaire, Beverage Director)
Seasonal: Funkwerks Saison (Funkwerks Brewery, Fort Collins)
IPA: Rumble (Great Divide, Denver)
Overall: 90-Shilling Scotch Ale (Odell Brewery, Fort Collins)

Cassie Mahoney (Assistant General Manager)
Seasonal Beer: Collette Farmhouse Ale (Great Divide Brewery, Denver)
IPA: Upslope IPA (Upslope Brewery, Boulder)
Overall: Funkwerks Saison (Funkwerks Brewery, Fort Collins)

Vanessa Poley (Manager/Server)
Seasonal Beer: Funkwerks Saison (Funkwerks Brewery, Fort Collins)
IPA: Deviant Dales (Oskar Blue’s Brewery, Longmont)
Overall: Upslope Pale Ale (Upslope Brewery, Boulder)

Carl Corsini (Server)
Seasonal Beer: Upslope Belgian Pale Ale (Upslope Brewery, Boulder)
IPA: Modus Hoperandi (SKA Brewery, Durango)
Overall: Collette Farmhouse Ale (Great Divide Brewery, Denver)

The Funkwerks Saison certainly is a hit! Come taste it for yourself – best enjoyed with our brand new seared Yellow Fin Tuna – served on a seasonal and summer-ready salad!

— Maddie Davis is a recent graduate of CU Boulder with a degree in journalism. Born and raised on an organic flower and vegetable farm in Boulder County, she is a lover of good music, good company, and great food.

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