Pomegranate Red Wine Reduction

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1 quart pomegranate juice
1 quart red wine
½ c minced shallots
One bunch of parsley stems
One small sprig of thyme
1 Bay leaf
2-3T SEA SALT – I like Sel de Guerande
1 tablespoon pepper corns cracked
2 lbs European style Plugra Butter

Create a bouquet garni, consisting of one bunch of parsley stems, pencil size
bunch of thyme and 1 bay leaf tied with butchers twine. Add all ingredients and reduce to a glaze about 1 cup. Here’s the important part we need to reduce most of the water out of it but when the bubble size changes and gets bigger we have to be aware
of not over reducing it. Be aware the reduction will still be liquid when it begins to caramelize and then it will burn after that. On the final reduction be aware of this
and taste it to make sure the flavor is not changing as it reduces down
the final bit.Remove bouquet garni squeezing out the me remaining juice with the back of a spoon.
Melt with 2 pounds of softened such as European style Plugra stirring to soft butter taste correct salinity level. Roll into rounds with
parchment and half sheet tray refrigerate.
Before serving cut into 1/3rd inch medallions place in water bath to soften.

Add to grill meats and vegetables!

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