SALT’s Barrel Aged Cocktails

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“By aging an entire cocktail at once, we will impart greater complexity and deeper oak flavor to classic combinations, uniting the ingredients in a unique and delicious way.”Barrels2 (1)

In the world of spirits, the barrel is king. From tequila to whiskey to wine and beer, oak aging has been imparting unique flavor and rich complexity to all things alcohol for hundreds of years. Of course the great bar minds of our times are still finding innovative and progressive ways to take this ancient process in new directions. Over the past few weeks, SALT’s beverage director and spirit guru Ryan Arndt has been combining his comprehensive knowledge of mixology with the old world art of aging to bring new and unique flavor to classic cocktails.

It all started with a single barrel, donated by the Angel’s Envy distillery. “We filled the first one with Angels Envy Bourbon, Punt E Mes Vermouth, and Angostura bitters. The idea is that the slight bitterness of the Punt E Mes will be balanced by the sweetness of the bourbon” says Arndt. “The oak should round out the contrast in these flavors and bring them together in really smooth way”. The Angels Envy Manhattan will be ready to serve September first and will be quickly joined by some other barrel aged creations like a Dancing Pines Gin Negroni, a Downslope Distillery Old Tom Gin Martinez, and Black Walnut Manhattan. These cocktails will continue to change and evolve and will only be available for a limited time so be sure to ask your server or bartender what is good from the barrel before you order your next drink at SALT! Cheers!

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