SALT’s Tiramisu

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Amaretti Cookie

2.6oz almond paste
7.9oz almond flour
13oz sugar
5.3oz egg whites
powdered sugar

Blend almond paste and sugar in food processor until smooth. Next, add egg whites, and while blade is spinning slowly, add almond flour. Transfer to a pastry bag and pipe out 1/2 in diameter circles on parchment lined sheet tray. Dust liberally with powdered sugar, and leave to dry for 8-12 hours. Bake at 325 degrees for 12-14 minutes or until golden brown and very fragrant.

Mascarpone mousse

2.5lb mascarpone
7.9oz pastry cream
45g amaretto liquor

combine and set aside

10.5oz egg whites
3.5oz sugar
.2oz cream of tartar
10.5oz sugar
4.2oz Water

Whip egg whites to soft peaks, add 3.5oz sugar and cream of tartar. Whip to stiff peaks. Combine 10.5oz sugar and water, bring to boil and pour into whipping egg whites, continue to whip until bottom of bowl is room temperature; about 10 minutes. Add meringue to mascarpone mixture in three batches.

To Assemble:

6oz espresso 
3oz dark rum


Soak amaretti cookies in espresso rum mixture, layer in glasses alternating between soaked cookies and mascarpone mousse. Garnish with bordeaux cherries with some reserved liquid.

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