The Molten Chocolate Cake

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SALT Molten Chocolate Cake

Frangelico Ganache

10oz Heavy Cream
7oz Dark Chocolate
Pinch of Sea Salt
½ tsp Frangelico

Heat cream to a scald and pour over other ingredients. Whisk to emulsify. Set in cooler until firm. Scoop with a melon baller – this creates the molten core of this decadent treat!

Molten Cake

12oz Dark Chocolate
5.6oz Butter
6 Eggs, separated
1 tsp Vanilla
4oz Flour
5oz Almond Flour
¼ tsp Salt
5oz Sugar

Melt chocolate and butter over double broiler. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Whip egg whites and sugar to soft peaks. Temper egg yolks and vanilla into chocolate. Combine dry ingredients and stir into chocolate mixture. Fold in egg whites in thirds. Oil baking cups and fill each one third with batter. Put one serving of ganache on top of the layer of batter, then add batter on top of the ganache until each cup is two thirds full. Bake at 325° for 13 minutes.

Hazelnut Anglaise

3oz Hazelnuts
8oz Heavy Cream
4oz Milk
4oz Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean
8 Egg Yolks
1 pinch Salt

Toast hazelnuts and grind into fine powder. Combine hazelnuts, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla bean and heat to scald. Temper in egg yolks and cook to 180°. Strain through a fine mesh chinoise. Add salt to finish.

Candied Hazelnuts

8oz Hazelnuts
6oz Sugar
3oz Water
salt to Taste

Grind hazelnuts into pea-sized pieces. Sift to remove dust. Toast the hazelnut pieces until they begin to glisten and adopt a golden brown color. Bring sugar and water to a boil to create a simple syrup, then add the hazelnut pieces and mix until fully coated. Let sit for 5 minutes. Strain and dust with a pinch each of salt and sugar. Lay onto a sheet tray and dehydrate until dry.

Before serving, heat the molten cake for 2-3 min in 350° oven. Invert the cake onto a plate and dust with powdered sugar. Garnish plate with bittersweet chocolate ground into fine pieces and candied hazelnuts.Pour the frangelico anglaise around the rim of the cake so that it drips down the sides. Bon Appétit!

Courtesy of Zach Rampulla – SALT Pastry Chef

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