Top 5 Romantic Dessert Recipes

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The Lover’s Holiday. Feast of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine’s Day. For our pastry chefs, and all of us at SALT and Colterra, it is truly one of the best holidays. And we like to celebrate. We put together a list of our Top Five Romantic Dessert Recipes collected over the years from our talented pastry chefs that have been inspired by this Hallmark holiday.

Dark Chocolate SALT Tart

Chocolate SALT Tart


Dark Chocolate Caramel ‘SALT’ Tart is at the top of our list. This signature dessert earned its keep on the menu at SALT and makes an appearance at Colterra too! Chocolate is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Layer strawberries on top of this delectable treat to sweeten the deal this February.

Colterra’s Classic Creme Brulee so simple, so rich, so delicious! Colterra’s Creme Brulee easily makes it’s way on our list. A permanent fixture on Colterra’s dessert menu. Master the contrast between the silky creamy center and perfectly crisp sugar crust to create the perfect Creme Brulee (basically, make heaven in a saucer).

SALT’s Tiramisu  Fall. In. Love. Tirumisu is on our list because, well, it’s Tirumisu. The name Tiramisu is of Italian origin and translates to “lift me up” or “pick me up”. Traditionally, the ladyfinger cookies are soaked in coffee and a mousse consisting of mascarpone folded with an Italian meringue. The use of amaretti cookie is a classic finish to feed your sweetheart.

The Molten Chocolate Cake this succulent treat made its way on our list because: Frangelico Ganache, Molten Cake, Hazelnut Anglaise, and Candied Hazelnuts. Need we say more? If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge this Valentine’s Day take this one for a ride.

The Barry White A sensual and flavorful experience indulging the senses in a warm embrace… Literally, that is what the description says under a picture of this Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Cocktail dream we published several years ago. If this isn’t a romantic drink — I don’t know what is. It has easily made its way on our list.

Join us for Valentine’s Dinner at SALT or Colterra Food and Wine.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Cocktail Recipe

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