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WILD STANDARD ‘Coming Soon’ Press Release: AUG 17, 2015, Boulder, CO




Owner                                   Chef Bradford Heap

Owner                                   Carol Vilate

Exec Chef                             Derek Baril

Chef de Cuisine                     Ben Watters

GM                                         Anthony Merino


COORDINATES:        40°N 105°W | 1043 S Pearl


CALL SIGN:               720.638.4800 | info@wildstandard.com


SOLE SOUL: The wild. The untouched. The unspoiled. Fathoms deep. Twilight Blue. A journey.


“All good things are wild…”– Henry David Thoreau


Wild Standard






WILD |wīld|


1 (of human) unrestrained. in pursuit of pleasure. attitude of enthusiasm.

2 (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment;

not domesticated or cultivated.

3 (of the earth) stormy: the wild sea.


1 a natural state.



Moored between SALT and The Kitchen, Wild Standard’s new port is in the historic space that was Juanita’s.



An Expedition | A globe-trotting seafood expedition born of earth stewardship, culinary mastery, hard work, steady hands, and a graceful aesthetic.

WS interior design takes guests on a voyage from the moment they enter. “We are creating an atmosphere where people relax, have fun and want to return,” says designer, Carol Vilate, who also incorporated elements from the original 1930’s store front into the design. She has successfully blended repurposed materials with sea magic, delightful hidden surprises and urban vogue.

World Seafood | Patrons will enjoy enticing selections of responsibly-sourced fish and seafood dishes, influenced by culinary traditions which traverse the seven seas.

Small Tastings | One of our unique special offerings are mouthwatering, small tastings for guests, as they arrive.

WS Flavor Journeys | Relish the spice of the continents with Wild Standard Exclusive ‘Flavor Journeys.’ In addition to our abundant globally inspired seafood menu… seasonally, Chef chooses 3 regions to shine a light upon and delivers the exotic, mysterious, sassy and savory.




The WS Atlas | We’ve merged the charm & soul of vineyards, alehouses, gin mills and saloons in our world-class drinks Atlas. Tour hundreds of wines, spirits and beers.

WS Private Label | Our übber talented beverage team is collaborating with local breweries and wineries to create a private label wine and beer uniquely tailored to pair with WS cuisine.

Siren Call–WS Libation Exploration | With 3 choices & 1 sip, guests are transported around the world with ‘Siren Call’ customizable exotic drinks. Guests also get to choose their own “dive depth” ­– the level of alcohol they wish to add to their cocktail. Beachcomber: no alcohol. Snorkeler: low alcohol. Diver: alcohol



The Muse | Chef Heap says, “This is an ambitious and exciting concept that compliments our other restaurants, SALT and Colterra. We’ll offer multi-cultural cuisine featuring both classic and innovative menus. All over the world, people gather at the water’s edge to build a fire and cook their catch. They are our muse.”

Land & Sea | Environmental stewardship with steadfast integrity is a founding principal of all the Heap Restaurants and WS continues in that tradition via our partnerships with seafood purveyors who share these values, beliefs and verified practices. Ask any of our team members and you will learn they are all equally engaged and invested in Heap’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, seafood and resource conservation.

“Not only will people get to experience an exciting cuisine, they will also know that they are helping to ensure that the sea and all its treasures are there for coming generations.” Wild Standard is partnering with [BEF] Bonneville Environmental Foundation, water restoration and model watershed programs to raise awareness of the water needs in Colorado and in our oceans.

The Figurehead of our Ship | Chef Heap was classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. Upon graduating, Heap headed West where he worked at L’Orangerie in Los Angeles and Gary Danko in San Francisco. Following his passions overseas, Chef Heap bicycled across Europe training in the Michelin three-star kitchens of Alain Ducasse, Georges Blanc and Carlo Cioni.


This will be the third concept for Bradford Heap Restaurants. The group currently operates two landmark establishments:

SALT the popular ‘everything Colorado’ farm-to-table bistro on Pearl St in Boulder;


Colterra  Colorado-Provencal inspired Food & Wine, an elegant farmhouse restaurant just outside Boulder in historic Niwot, Colorado.

Underpinning all of Heap’s restaurants is the commitment to gracious hospitality, outstanding food & beverage, environmental stewardship and community support.


Wild Standard is set to launch the mid-September for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. For our hours and more information about the restaurant visit Wild Standard at www.wildstandard.com.


Media contact: camille@bradfordheap.com

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