Wine of the Month: Bocelli Sangiovese

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Bocelli Sangiovese Pic

You can hear the voice of Andrea Bocelli hanging in the air as you sip this wine. Crafted by the passion of the famous Italian Classical singer and his brother Alberto, this bright Sangiovese is a testament to viticultural expertise.

“Sangiovese like this is supposed to be light bodied and intensely flavorful and this fills that bill to a T. Juicy raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, and Maraschino cherries, with emphatic grace notes of rhubarb, fennel, anise, and nutmeg swamp the palate, followed by a crisp but not tart acidity and complex notes of sweet minerals and lime leaf. The tannins are present but unobtrusive and it’s as easy to drink as spring water but this stuff doesn’t blossom and come alive until you pair it with its vast array of compatible foods. This is an amazingly fine, beautifully-made Sangiovese from two guys who do everything in a world-class way.”

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